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AAMV Board Strategic Plan 2022-2023


To support volunteer leaders and volunteerism in the museum sector.  


We are a community of support, learning, collaboration and empowerment. 

We embrace diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion to make us a better and more capable organization.

We are advocates for ethical volunteerism.



      Focus Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion work and principles throughout the organization

1.          Audit organization’s DEAI offerings, needs and opportunities

2.          Create and implement plan to incorporate the audit findings through the organization

3.          Create resources to help organizations transition unpaid interns to paid interns

  Provide easily accessible education, networking and mentoring opportunities

1.          Create regular webinar series and networking opportunities

2.          Partner with other organizations for the creation of some education content

3.          Help to disseminate information about other organizations resources

4.          Create mentoring/consultancy opportunities for members 

  Build and retain members

1.          Conduct outreach in conjunction with new educational and networking opportunities

2.          Develop region-specific plans to optimize membership results

3.          Maintain connections between regional directors and current members

4.          Encourage members to become directly engaged in contributing to AAMV resources and programming, including service on the AAMV board

Adopted and approved by the AAMV Board, May 19, 2022

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