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Volunteers in the Time of COVID

This webinar examines how volunteer programs are currently managing through the impacts of COVID, and also looks to the future with some predictions on what we can expect and how we can plan for the future now. This webinar was presented in conjunction with the Ohio Museums Association.

In partnership with the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), we have created a series of Webinars on different parts of managing a volunteer program. These are available to access from AAM's Webinar Library.

Managing Multigenerational & Diverse Volunteers and Docents

Explore how to create volunteer opportunities for Baby Boomers, manage senior docents, identify and utilize family volunteers and create access for hearing impaired volunteers and visitors.

Planning, Transforming Your Volunteer Program Infrastructure

This webinar addresses key elements of a volunteer program infrastructure including: purpose, planning/updating, job design for managers and volunteers, policies and procedures, and assessment of volunteers and the program. Presenters guide participants through analysis of a volunteer program, and frame the volunteer program strategic plan, goals and metrics for continuous improvement.

Evaluating Volunteers and the Volunteer Program (link coming soon!)

In this webinar, volunteer managers will explore how assessment processes are incorporated into the volunteer programs at three museums, and will discuss how a related innovative strategy of peer coaching has recently been launched at one organization in an effort to emphasize reflective practice. Particular challenges such as easing veteran volunteers into a new protocol, how to incorporate evaluation and re-training into a well-established program, how managers address diverse opinions and reactions to evaluation, and how to handle an evaluation that is less than glowing will also be discussed.

Recruiting, Selecting and Placing Museum Volunteers

This webinar addresses key elements of recruiting, selecting and placing volunteers, from resources and strategies for articulating the benefits of volunteering and recruiting for diversity; to background checks, interviewing and placing volunteers, and saying “no.”

Staffing and Managing Your Museum Volunteer Program

This webinar addresses key elements of training volunteers, from resources and strategies for training volunteers to succeed in specific roles; to other types of training that museums struggle with including customer services, emergency procedures and working with children with disabilities.

Supporting, Retaining, and Recognizing Volunteers 

This webinar offers practical guidance on how to effectively support, retain and recognize volunteers as an essential part of maintaining your volunteer program, getting the most out of those who dedicate their time to your institution, and building a program that attracts new volunteers.

Training Museum Volunteers

This webinar addresses key elements of volunteer program staffing and management, including establishing policies and procedures, recruiting, training, coaching, ongoing professional development, and evaluation of volunteers and the program.

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